Instructional Verse

You meet a lot of interesting people in the poetry game, even when you aren’t looking for them. They are by no means all alike in spite of stereotypes. We use different rhyme schemes, have different subjects dear to our hearts, and prefer our own brand of poetry from an ode to a dirge. It is a very personal undertaking. Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. We live in cities, towns, the mountains, or by the sea. We write day or night, indoors or out. We have families or live alone. We are as varied as human nature. Some of us are off the charts.

I open my blog with these words so you will understand how unique it is to meet a fellow poet who is doing something rather odd. In this case I am referring to my friend who makes “how to” videos and posts them on line. While that is not interesting or unusual in and of itself, I have to round out the story and tell you that his instructions are in verse form. I kid you not. He has many, but my all-time favorite is a video on how to install a kegerator. The first time I saw it I laughed out loud. I was hooked and had to watch his whole oeuvre. It is a masterpiece of verbal nonsense with a comic twist. I don’t believe that it has ever been done before.

If you paid me plenty, I wouldn’t be able to undertake this ridiculous task. He wrote a post on Facebook about building your own kegerator with a purchased kit to get a customized item that suits your space and style. Since there are so many types with different faucet requirements, this way you can get what you want. It depends upon how you want to dispense and store your precious beer. It is all about budget, taste, and ease of use. I am not going to reprint his video so you can search for yourself on line. I just have to mention the words that rhyme with beer to give you an idea.

clear – “a prime beer with texture so clear..”
dear – “to get a taste of beer delicate and dear..”
cheer – “what else but beer can put you in good cheer…”
fear – “never fear when you sip your beer…”
peer – “beer quality without peer”
tier – “you can make a beer that is top tier…”

I think you get the picture and your imagination can fill in the rest. I challenge you to try your hand at an instructional video in verse. It doesn’t have to be about brew, because that has been done! “Do it yourselfers, have no fear, it is time to install your container for beer…” Now that I have proved his method, I have to say that there is absolutely no rhyming word for kegerator. Too bad. If you find one, I will reward you handsomely with accolades and entrée into my personal poetry club.