An Inspiring Place

Are you a fellow poet? Do you love crafting beautiful statements with words, loaded with imagery, new juxtapositions, and rhythmic impact? If not, welcome to my world. I want to extol the virtues of the art of poetry of all kinds from the traditional rhyme schemes to modern free form. As long as it is not prose, it is in my field of vision. I love being inspired by anything or anyone to create a paean with symbolic phrases and artful words. Using them in new ways is the name of the game for me. Coming up with a fresh perspective on the world is the end result. Every poet has a special soul that has to be expressed. It is a joy to take pen to paper or even use your ubiquitous mouse. You can create poetry anywhere you like. Sometimes it just pops up from the subconscious. We get lucky from time to time. Otherwise we work at it, tossing out meaningless imagery and keeping that with import.

I like to relax and become meditative or contemplative if my brain seems to be running dry. On nice days I like to sit outside in a comfortable chair and admire the work of Mother Nature. I can stay for hours until the mood is right. I imagine what Lord Byron, Walt Whitman, or Emily Dickenson would be thinking or how e. e. Cummings would reduce reality to a stark construction. I never quite new what form my poems will take. I have done strict rhymes and verbose ramblings. It is all to tell a story or visual impression. I have favorite subjects and they revolve around living a modern life. Sometimes I feel like I am in the wrong era and wish it were another place and time. Poetry is seen as archaic to some. Let me tell you that it is perfectly capable of the deepest emotions of any age.

While I love to sit in the daytime, I also want to be able to enjoy my yard at night. I asked a friend who is a welder, what he would do to activate my space. I hinted that I thought the area needed light. Aha! He said he had the perfect idea. With his professional welding gear, he would make artistic metal outdoor hanging lamps. It would spruce up the environment and create a spiritual mood conducive to poetic thought. He showed me some ideas that he’d found on a web site called Rate My Welder, that a friend had put him on to after finding them on Twitter. What he brought over were gorgeous lanterns the likes of which I have never seen. They completely transformed my personal treat come nightfall. The welder had done a superior job. What an incredible talent. After they were mounted in strategic order, I couldn’t wait to relax and daydream—or night dream as it turned out. He left, of course, to leave me to my own devices. Even he knew that creating poetry is a solitary enterprise.

I luxuriate in the glow of the metal lights and I keep the experience private. In effect, I want to be alone.